About Me

This life is quick and I love it! I spend most of my time with two littles that challenge me and adore me and teach me. I have an awesome hero of a husband. He's not perfect, but I like to think he is. I capture action and quiet moments in pregnant moms, children of all ages, families and couples traveling through life together. The photos that  burst out of my cameras inspire me everyday. It keeps me social and busies my creative bug. I've been photographing people, pets, flowers and landscapes from my earliest memories. My first camera was a keychain that had a pin hole and housed a roll of 35mm film. I've had many cameras since then, but sometimes I wish I still owned that keychain. I've been in dark rooms and printed photos on blank photo paper. I've waited patiently for my film to return from the print shops. Today, I love to download and order prints of all shapes and sizes. Come out and play and make sweet forever photos!

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Trisha Wheaton

Newberg, Oregon